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News Launch of the book 'KATANGA Des animaux et des hommes'

by Michel HASSON.

Special Issue / Only available in French / 95 euro

Release date 26/10/2015
Contributor mlsusini
Geographical coverage Congo,
Keywords biodiversity,

Found together in a single slipcase, these two contrasting volumes tackle the relationship that has always existed between human society and fauna in Katanga.

The first volume provides an overview of the province’s geographic and historical context before exploring customs and beliefs regarding fauna. The author then discusses the animal-related activities that are hunting and fishing, before ending with the more contemporary concern of nature conservation.

The second volume is a guide of vertebrates in Katanga. For each featured species, the description of biological characteristics is accompanied by details on folklore, beliefs, or hunting practices.

Invertebrates are also examined in the context of their interactions with humans, and discussed in areas as varied as medicine, agriculture, and folklore.

At the end of the volume, the reader will find fauna lists drawn up by specialists from the Royal Museum for Central Africa. All known vertebrates in Katanga are included.

This constitutes the first complete guide to vertebrates in Katanga.

The author Michel Hasson was born in 1955 in Kalemie, near the edge of Lake Tanganyika. His family arrived in Katanga in 1932. An ardent lover of nature, he is active in several associations working to preserve biodiversity in Central Africa.

RMCA & Biodiversity in Katanga, in partnership with RBINS (Brussels)


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Slipcase containing two hardcover volumes (not sold separately):

Volume 1 = = 296 p

Volume 2 = 496 p

ISBN 978-9-4922-4417-8


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