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News Launch of brand new COHERENS website and new model

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of a new website for the COHERENS model:

Moreover, the COHERENS model has moved to a new version. Visit the website to know more...

Concerned URL
Release date 04/12/2015
Contributor mlsusini

The first generation of COHERENS, an open source numerical model for making simulations in regional, shelf and coastal seas was released in 2000 as COHERENS V1. Recently we moved on to the next generation V2 which is now available for the COHERENS community.
The latest version of the code, online manual, many test cases, starter guide and user forum are accessible on the website.
The main new features of COHERENS V2 are:
  • Option to perform simulations on parallel clusters
  • Flexible grids (curvilinear and extended sigma-grids, grid rotation)
  • An implicit scheme to improve CPU performance
  • New modules:
    • wave-current interaction
    • a generic module for coupling COHERENS on-line with external models (a coupling with the SWAN wave model is now available)
    • sediment transport
    • morphology
    • dredging and relocation activities
    • inundation scheme
    • discharge module
    • structures (weirs, barriers, dams)
  • Central Input Files (CIF) to facilitate the model setup
  • Standard output in netCDF format
Please come and visit the new website here. You may also browse or join our forum.

Please note that this information has expired.