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News Launch of a new policy brief: 'Les services écosystémiques dans la Réserve de Biosphère de la Pendjari (Bénin)'

Concerned URL
Source CEBioS
Release date 21/09/2018
Contributor Lucie Ongena
Geographical coverage global
Keywords policy brief, ecosystem services, Benin, Pendjari


This policy brief addresses the ecosystem services of the Pendjari Biosphere Reserve (Benin), their assessment and their importance according to the local populations.

It will be used as a basis for discussions during a multi-stakeholders workshop aimed at selecting priority management options for ecosystem services in the Pendjari Biosphere Reserve. This workshop will take place in Natitingou (Northern Benin) on October 27-28th.

It was written by A.J. Rochette (IRSNB, CEBioS), J. Hugé (VUB & ULB), T.J.D. Akpona, R.C. Gbedomon, R. Gléglé Kakaï (UAC-LABEF), K. Vanderhaegen, B. Verbist, A. De Ryck (KULeuven), I. Janssens, D. Goad (VUB) and L. Janssens de Bisthoven (IRSNB, CEBioS).