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News Article in the 'Journal Karibu' (DR Congo) about the CSB-CEBioS partnership

Source Journal Karibu
Release date 29/04/2020
Contributor Lucie Ongena
Keywords DR Congo, CSB, research

The 'Journal Karibu' (DR Congo) recently published an article about the partnership between CEBioS and the CSB (Centre de Surveillance de la Biodiversité), in the Tshopo Province.

From October 29th to November 13th 2019, the village of Bafwakondima served as a camp for teams specializing in vegetation, fish, reptiles, plant pests, small and large mammals, bush meat and zoonoses (diseases transmitted from animals to humans). The teams observed different aspects of the local flora and fauna and their use by local communities. A follow-up visit in December aimed at informing the local populations about the results and at offering perspectives and recommendations for a more sustainable use of those natural resources.

The article focuses on the activities of several research teams, each tackling a specific subject:

  • local fishing techniques that can be destructive for the environment,
  • species of insects that can destroy entire cornfields,
  • new techniques to turn local agriculture more efficient while preserving the environment,
  • zoonoses that could be transmitted through the trade and consumption of bushmeat,
  • inventories of fauna and flora in various types of forests,...

 The full article (in French) is available on the Journal Karibu website. Within the article, you can also listen to a radio magazine, 'Biodiversité et Nous', directed, edited and presented by Jean Fundi of the CSB.