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News In Memoriam – Taghi Farvar

Source IUCN
Release date 16/08/2018
Contributor Lucie Ongena
Geographical coverage global
Keywords in memoriam, Taghi Farvar

The staff of CEBioS would like to express their grieve for the passing away of a great biodiversity personality.

As many of you will now know, we are mourning the passing of our long-term friend and colleague, Taghi - Dr. Mohammed Taghi Farvar, who died on 16 July 2018. Most of those who know him are struggling even to contemplate a world without Taghi. Maybe we can best cope with this loss by continuing to regard him as being with us still; certainly his impact and presence will continue to be experienced by generations of conservation practitioners and indigenous peoples and local communities around the world.

For the full text, please see IUCN's website.