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News GTI Alumni Workshop (Cotonou, 6-9 June)

A workshop took place in Cotonou from 6 to 9 June for grantees from the Global Taxonomy Initative (GTI) Belgian Focal point. The workshop was facilitated by 2 CEBioS members, Dr M-L. Susini Ondafe and Ir. A-J. Rochette, and aimed at vulgarizing the research outputs of the grantees.

Release date 10/06/2016
Contributor Anne-Julie Rochette
Keywords GTI, Awareness raising, Vulgarization,

Twelve grantees coming from Benin, Burundi, DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Togo, attended the workshop. Their research include a clear link between taxonomy and development: the study of macroinvertebrates as bioindicators, termites that are crop pests but soil fertilizer at the same time, hoverflies predators of aphids, eadible mushrooms, etc.

During the workshop, they presented their research and worked together to create three vulgarisation products each about their subject: an article for the web, an awareness raising poster (see picture below), and short videos.

These products will be published on their respective national Clearing-House-Mechanism (CHM) and other relevant websites.

The workshop was also the opportunity to create a network of GTI Alumni for future exchange of information and best practices.

Please note that this information has expired.