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News Free MOOC on Resilience for Development

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Release date 10/10/2017
Contributor mlsusini

The course is free. It will be facilitated in English, French, and Spanish. The course is designed for policymakers and practitioners working in the sustainable development and conservation planning sectors, but is open to anyone.

The course starts on 31 October 2017.

The course will help you learn about how to incorporate the concept of resilience into your work; promote an integrated approach to social and ecological sustainability; enhance the effectiveness of your conservation and development actions to deliver on the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and Sustainable Development Goals. It will provide you more tools to understand resilience thinking and perform resilience assessments, and to implement sustainable development and conservation interventions based on assessment results. 

Part 1: Understanding Resilience Thinking runs from 31 Oct. to 27 Nov. 2017. 

Part 2: Applying Resilience Thinking to National Biodiversity and Development Plans runs from 23 Jan. to 13 Feb. 2018. 

 Visit website for more information and registration form here.

Please note that this information has expired.