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News Event 'Biodiversity and Development, a global heritage' (RBINS, 26/11/2015)

On 26 November 2015, the CEBioS programme organised a symposium entitled 'Biodiversity and development, a global heritage’ in the framework of the European year for development. The symposium was funded by the Belgian cooperation (DGD), and hosted at the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences (RBINS). 

Despite the security situation in Brussels, 170 participants were counted. This is a proof that biodiversity and development can mobilise people!

The event was a lively dialogue around the need to save the biodiversity of the planet and in particular of developing countries, a metaphor for the support of life, essential for all of us and future generations. It included oral presentations, poster/booth sessions, a networking lunch and a debate.

The presentations, posters and a summary of the day are available online, as well as the abstract booklet of the event.

Please click here for more information about the event.

Release date 02/12/2015
Contributor Anne-Julie Rochette

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