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News Event "Biodiversity and Development, a global heritage" (26/11/2015): REGISTRATION OPEN

Registration is now open for the event "Biodiversity and Development, a global heritage" (26/11/2015).

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Release date 26/06/2015
Contributor Anne-Julie Rochette

What is biodiversity and why should we care? How does it contribute to sustainable development, and more specifically in developing countries?
What is the role of biodiversity in the fight against poverty? Why supporting the southern countries to safeguard their biodiversity? How are Belgium and the EU managing this ?

To answer these questions, and to better understand these issues, we invite you to participate in an information day, lead by CeBioS in collaboration with other partners, in the framework of the European Year of Development.

• Presentations
• Poster/stand session
• Debate
• Networking Lunch
• Drink

Already block this date in your calendar and come join us on November 26 !

Registration until September 30th
More information on program and registration here.

Please note that this information has expired.