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News Report of the evaluation of the institutional actors’ policy support

Since the end of the 1980s, the Belgian Development Cooperation has financed support and/or scientific advice activities for policy decisionmaking in development matters. This funding, which, at the start, only concerned universities, has been extended to various scientific institutions such as the RBINS, with its CEBioS programme.

Activities of all actors had not been subjected to an overall evaluation, even if some of them have been assessed or self-assessed individually. Benefiting from the opportunity presented by the coming into force from 2017 of the new regulations on NGCAs, the DGD wished to bridge this gap and approached the Service de l’Evaluation Spéciale (Special Evaluation Office) for it to initiate an evaluation which must "cover all policy support and its development since 2003".

The report of the evaluation was finalised in July 2016.

Release date 08/06/2017
Contributor mlsusini

The evaluation has developed a cross-disciplinary analysis over a long period of more than 25 years (even if the focus of the evaluation is concentrated on instruments currently existing, the oldest of these instruments will be studied as experience and lessons learned from the past which have led to the creation of the current support mechanisms). Furthermore, the analysis therefore focused on a set of instruments broken down in various ways through several dozen operations in multiple sectors and which produced very diversified deliverables.

The final evaluation report presents the outcomes of this work according to the following structure: after a summarised introduction to the methodology, a significant section is devoted to the various findings, general findings on the one hand and findings grouped according to evaluation criteria on the other hand. In the following section, the report summarises the main conclusions of this analysis and finally, in the last part, formulates the recommendations which emerge from the evaluation.

The report can be downloaded in English here.

Versions of the report are also available in French or in Dutch.


 Management responses (PDF, 914.01 KB)

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