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News CEBioS participation in the European Conference of Tropical Ecology, held in February 2017 in Brussels

5 CEBioS scientists actively participated in the 2017 European Conference of Tropical Ecology that took place at the VUB, Brussels, from 6 to 10 February 2017.

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Release date 10/02/2017
Contributor mlsusini
Geographical coverage global,
Keywords tropical ecology,

This conference provided an interdisciplinary platform for discussing major advances and future challenges in tropical ecology including:

  • Ecology, evolution and conservation of tropical ecosystems in a changing world
  • Tropical ecosystem functioning and ecological services
  • Agro-ecosystems, human impact and the future of tropical biodiversity.

CEBioS scientists chaired 2 sessions. Download the abstract book here.

On Tuesday 7 February, Luc Janssens de Bisthoven, along with Jean Huge and Bruno Verbist, chaired session 07 entitled 'Tropical biodiversity for development'.

The following presentations were given:

Anne-Julie Rochette Capacity building for the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Africa

p139 of abstract book

Guy-Crispin Gembu Tungaluna Biodiversity research and monitoring related capacities in Kisangani (DRC) p140 of abstract book
Luc Janssens de Bisthoven Transfer under Nagoya Protocol of traditional knowledge to scientists in Burundi, mediated by ministries of environment and health p141 of abstract book
Marie-Lucie Susini Ondafe Using taxonomic research results to achieve a better conservation and management of biodiversity and ecosystem services p142 of abstract book
Pieter Moonen Perceptions and management of land and resources in rural communities in the DR Congo: lessons for sustainable development p143  of abstract book
Katherine Vande Velde Analysing discourses of environmental stakeholders on effective conservation of Mangrove forests in Singapore p144 of abstract book
Soraya Candido Biodiversity integration in development cooperation: why and how? A Delphi study to identify ways forward p145 of abstract book
Patricia Mergen Importance of UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserves in the tropics p146 of abstract book
Francesca Lanata Responsible economic development and biodiversity conservation in Virunga National Park: the role of Botanic Garden Meise p148 of abstract book
Ute Schmiedel Paraecologists and parataxonomists are key for stakeholder scientist interactions p149 of abstract book
Koen Vanderhaegen Do Private Sustainability Standards walk the talk in improving economic and environmental sustainability? p150 of abstract book
Africa Barrios Trullols Can mangrove silviculture in Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve be carbon-neutral? p151 of abstract book
Mark Abrahams Living with the enemy; crop raiders in neotropical rainforests p152 of abstract book
John Ndarathi Trends in Artisanal Fish Trade in coastal Kenya (trade commodities, challenges and organization among key stakeholders) p153 of abstract book
Bernard Riera Xper reconnaissance base of plants and their uses for the management and conservation of protected are : Antrema, Madagascar p154 of abstract book
Jean Huge Murky mangroves and catchy corals. The discourses of attractiveness of coastal ecosystems. not in abstract book

On Thursday 9 February, Maarten Vanhove, along with Patricia Mergen and Quentin Groom, chaired session 22 entitled Legacy specimens, future goals.

Han de Koeijer Digitalisation of historic information on ecology: Case of National Parks in DR Congo p333 of abstract book
Jean Huge Biodiversity baselines in Environmental Impact Assessments p334 of abstract book

Maarten Vanhove

Dusty Baseline: The merit of museum collections in biological invasion studies p335 of abstract book
Anne Laudisoit Towards less invasive methods to inventory and monitor wildlife in the Congo Basin p336 of abstract book
Marc Reynders The role of tropical ecology in ex-situ plant conservation in the Botanic Garden Meise p337 of abstract book
Quentin Groom What does herbarium digitisation mean for research in tropical ecology? p338 of abstract book

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