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News Compendium on Protected Area Governance and Management launched at 6th World Parks Congress

A new compendium providing the latest and best professional information needed for protected area practitioner capacity development was released this week in the margins of the 6th IUCN World Parks Congress.

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Source CBD Secretariat
Release date 02/12/2014
Contributor mlsusini
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Titled Protected Area Governance and Management, the compendium provides information to support capacity development training of protected area field officers, field managers and executive-level managers for improving governance and management of protected areas effectively.
“This compendium will significantly contribute to developing the capacity of managers of protected areas, at all levels, to deliver effective governance and management of protected areas,” said Braulio Dias, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). “Such capacity development is absolutely necessary for effective implementation of the Programme of Work for Protected Areas of the CBD, which will facilitate achievement not only of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets but also of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2015 development agenda.”
The compendium, launched by Mr. Dias and Jane Smart, Global Director, Biodiversity Conservation Group of IUCN, was compiled by 169 authors and edited by Graeme Worboys, Michael Lockwood, Ashish Kothari, Sue Feary and Ian Pulsford.
“This compendium needs to be read by all those involved in the management of protected areas – from the heads of protected area authorities to the field managers and field officers on the ground,” said Ms. Smart.
“Acting on the rich compendium of information provided in this book will help ensure that the world moves towards achieving Aichi Target 11: protected areas which are conserving the most important places for biodiversity, and which are connected, well managed and governed."
Graeme Worboys, chief architect and driving force behind the book, said, “This information-rich compendium text book on protected area governance and management is an investment in today's protected area managers and the next generation of park practitioners. Through their improved knowledge and competent management, it is also an investment in better biodiversity conservation and a healthier planet.”
The book will be freely available online in February 2015 at: . The book will also be available in print form, at cost of printing plus postage.

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