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News Closing symposium for COHERENS training - Application of circulation models in coastal shelf seas

On Tuesday 27 October, 1 Colombian and 3 Peruvian trainees presented the results of their training on the application of circulation models in coastal shelf seas.

Release date 29/10/2015
Contributor mlsusini
Geographical coverage Peru, Colombia,
Keywords modelling, marine environment,

The trainees stayed for one month at UGMM thanks to funding from the CEBioS programme (except the Colombian researcher who was self-funded).

The presentations were the following:

  • Use of the COHERENS model for the study of physical processes in the bay of Paracas, Peru, by Elsy Ticse de la Torre - IMARPE

  • An Integrative Approach to Oceanic and Coastal Research in the Northern Ecosystem of the Humboldt Current / Use of the COHERENS Model to investigate physical, chemical and biological processes in the management of coastal marine ecosystems by Jorge Quispe Sánchez – IMARPE

  • Study of hydrodynamics in Chimbote and Callao Bay, Peru, by Katherine Vasquez - IMARPE
  • Ocean Modelling with COHERENS - Two cases of study: Rosario Island, Colombia and Gerlache Strait, Antartic, by Tatiana Rodríguez Tobar from Colombia.


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