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News CEBioS mission in Vietnam

From 14 to 18 April 2015, staff of CEBioS visited the Institute for Marine Research (IMER) in Haiphong, North Vietnam, in order to formulate a new three year institutional cooperation, based on previous projects.

Release date 23/04/2015
Contributor mlsusini
Geographical coverage Vietnam,
Keywords modelling, marine environment, sedimentation,

The thematic of the cooperation between IMER and CEBioS is about marine modelling of Halong Bay, related to environmental problems threatening the marine biodiversity (sedimentation, pollution threatening mangroves, sea grass, coral reefs) and its ecosystem services (tourism, fisheries). Dr. Luc Janssens de Bisthoven presented the cooperation context, CEBioS, and moderated the participative workshop according to project cycle management principles, while his colleagues Dr. Patrick Luytens and Dr. Katrijn Baetens participated as modelling experts in the technical and scientific presentations and discussions. IMER welcomed the three Belgian guests warmly and efficiently and provided an excellent organisation of the workshop and the visit to the study site in Halong. IMER presented itself, the premisses and its monitoring activities on chemical, and biological quality and biodiversity of the marine environment, as well as the multiple environmental threats. The delegation had also the occasion to pay a courtesy visit to the Institute of Fisheries, and the Belgian cooperation attaché in Hanoi, Mr. Geert Vansintjan. The workshop resulted in a 3 year programme including scientific work on sediment modelling, training of the model to visiting staff in Belgium, connecting the model to biodiversity, and awareness raising of the stakeholders. 

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