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News CEBioS at Bruxelles Champêtre

For this 16th edition of Bruxelles Champêtre, CEBioS and colleagues from the National Focal Point of the CBD and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences held a booth to raise awareness about biodiversity preservation, in the South and in Belgium. 

Source CEBioS
Release date 18/09/2018
Contributor Lucie Ongena
Geographical coverage Brussels, Belgium
Keywords Bruxelles Champêtre, booth, awareness, biodiversity

On September 16th ("Car-free Sunday" in Brussels), the 16th edition of Bruxelles Champêtre took place on the Place des Palais. It is a festive citizen event promoting sustainable development. It offers a multitude of activities (workshops, concerts, storytellers,...), exhibitors (associations, artisans, organic products,...) and foodtrucks.

On this occasion, CEBioS participated in the booth of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, alongside staff from the National Focal Point of the CBD, the entomology department and the Museum of Natural Sciences. Together, they animated different games for families, including CEBioS' game about biodiversity in the South. They offered information and documentation to the visitors about bees and pollination, the animal and plant species of Africa, the actions we each can take to protect the environment, etc.

This day was an amazing occasion to connect with the general public, to raise awareness about biodiversity preservation and to get people interested in environmental topics.