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News Belgium gets a good evaluation from the latest OECD - DAC Peer Review

According to the latest OECD - DAC Peer Review, 'Belgium is making a laudable push to direct more development aid to the poorest countries, but to deliver on this it needs to set firm deadlines, make its aid programme more flexible, and should reverse a decline in overall aid'.

Read the dedicated article on the DGD website (in French or Dutch) here.

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Source DGD
Release date 08/09/2015
Contributor mlsusini

The latest DAC Peer Review of Belgium notes that the country sent 35% of its official aid to least-developed countries in 2013 – above the donor average – and has promised to raise that to 50%, with a focus on North, West and Central Africa. Achieving this will be difficult without changes to the way Belgian aid is budgeted, programmed and delivered. Lighter procedures, increased budget flexibility and more delegation of responsibility to developing country partners would help Belgium make good on its goals.

The full OECD report can be downloaded here.

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