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News 2014 prizewinner of the Arsom competition is Léonard MUBALAMA KAKIRA

Léonard MUBALAMA KAKIRA was awarded the 2014 prize in the Section of Natural and Medical Sciences of the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences. His work was entitled 'Monitoring Law Enforcement Effort and Illegal Activity in Selected Protected Areas : Implications for Management and Conservation, Democratic Republic of Congo' and could be achieved thanks to the Archives of the former National Parks of Belgian Congo. This work was accomplished in the framework of project SYGIAP II, in 2006, in collaboration with CEBioS member, Dr François Muhashy Habiyaremye.

Léonard MUBALAMA KAKIRA (left) & François MUHASHY HABIYAREMYE (right) working together at the RBINS.

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Release date 31/10/2014
Contributor mlsusini

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