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News 2 presentations from CEBioS trainees coming from UNIKIS (D.R. Congo)

On Tuesday 22 March 2016, Steve Ngoy Luhembwe and Prescott Musaba from UNIKIS presented the results of their research at the RBINS under the supervision of Dr Erik Verheyen. Their stays were funded by CEBioS.

Release date 23/03/2016
Contributor mlsusini
Geographical coverage D R Congo,
Keywords bats, ticks, research, human health,

The 1st presentation was given by Prescott Musaba and entitled 'Molecular identification of pathological agents of bats from Kisangani region in DR Congo'.

The 2nd presentation was given by Steve Ngoy Luhembwe and entitled 'Inventory of specific ticks (Ixodida) from the collections of the RBINS and MRAC (Belgium), combined with a research on ticks of mammals from the region of Kisangani, inventory and study project (DR Congo)'.

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