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News 1st announcement: conference entitled "Building Capacity for Conservation & Resource Management in Africa"

The conference will take place in Nairobi, Kenya in July 2015.

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Release date 23/01/2015
Contributor mlsusini

At the meeting, over 300 delegates will discuss how to meet the huge challenge of building the capacity (skills, knowledge and information) of individuals, communities and organisations to undertake conservation actions effectively. The 'capacity building' problem is the major issue facing the environmental sector in the 21st century, and there is a desperate need to exchange ideas, solutions and best practice. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for you to meet and discuss cutting edge issues in capacity building.

Four key themes will be addressed in relation to finding the best methods for:

  1. Building effective leadership and strong organisations
  2. Achieving better community engagement
  3. Employing technology for professional e-learning (platforms and curricula)
  4. Strengthening capacity in protected areas and national parks

Further details can be found on (it includes a summary in French)

Please note that this information has expired.