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The Kingdom of Bahrain has embarked upon the revision of its National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) in fulfillment of its obligation under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and as part of the kingdom's efforts and commitment to conserving its biodiversity and the sustainable management of its natural resources. As part of this project, the kingdom has also initiated its plans for establishing its Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) in support of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity (2011-2020). The main aims of the Bahrain CHM are:

  • To provide easy access to biodiversity information in Bahrain and how the kingdom’s efforts feed into the process of implementing the CBD and its Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 based on the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.
  • To highlight the existing cooperation between different governmental entities and partners across all sectors to implement the Bahrain NBSAP.
  • To assist users in finding all relevant information and expertise, which will benefit biodiversity not just locally but also regionally and globally – hence, encouraging and assisting global scientific cooperation.
  • To act as an inter-operable platform linking and directing the users to websites of all relevant organisations in Bahrain and thus, connecting national community of practices and all stakeholders.

In order to do this, a road map has been adopted to draw the path towards the establishment of a Bahrain Clearing-House Mechanism (Bahrain CHM), which includes setting up the Bahrain National Biodiversity Database (Bahrain NBD), which involves the assessment of available data and the existing gaps. This was done following the principles outlined in the CBD Guidance Document for Developing National Clearing-House Mechanisms, which have been adapted to national circumstances.

The establishment of the Bahrain CHM was made possible through the financial assistance of GEF and the support of UNEP-ROWA in addition to the generous training given by Dr. Mostafa Madbouhi - the CBD CHM Arab World Focal Point.